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Looking for a day program that empowers you to fully participate in the economy and society?

Avenue Botany is a day program alternative, where you can engage in purposeful work tasks and share in the profits, socialise with your team-mates and develop your individual skills – regardless of your support needs.

We provide person-centred support in our hub in Botany:

Unit 3, 13 Lord Street, Botany NSW 2019

When you join Avenue, you can join Avenue Work, Avenue Social or both!

Avenue Work

At the heart of Avenue are work teams where you are empowered to engage in real work tasks in a supported environment, that will increase your knowledge, build your capabilities and provide a sense of purpose.

You can choose from a number of different work teams, based on your interests and goals. These can include order fulfilment, pet-sitting and dog-walking, flyering and letterbox drops, or even running market stalls! You can learn more about our different teams by clicking below!

You will earn a small remuneration from your work activities, which recognises your contribution and productivity to your team, and is yours to spend as you like.


Order Fulfilment


Hub Management









Avenue Social

Through Avenue Social, you can access events and activities you choose, build important skills and make friends for life! You will leave feeling more skilled, more equipped, and more empowered than before. 

Our ever-changing social calendar is put together with the help of you, based on your likes, dislikes and needs, to ensure you have a great day! You might go bushwalking, take an exercise or music class, head to sporting, musical or cultural events, or enjoy adding new things to the calendar.

Our team of dedicated support workers are trained to develop your skills and integrate learning into the day’s activities. Some of the skills you might choose to focus on could include independence, confidence, money-handling, communication, and road safety awareness.


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“I work in the Hub Management Team, helping to keep the hub running smoothly. My favourite thing about working at Avenue is doing computer work and gardening. I like working hard so I can buy video games with my remuneration – it makes me proud!”

Julie is sitting at a desk wearing a green top and grey cardigan. She is folding boxes in the order fulfilment room in Avenue Newcastle


“Hi, my name is Marcus. I am 27 years old. I attended Avenue Botany 2 days a week. My favourite hobby is making and drinking tea, especially coconut black tea. When at Avenue I enjoy making friends and doing a good job.”

David is sitting in a office in front of a computer and is wearing a blue jumper and had glasses on.


“I attend Avenue Botany 3 days a week. I do mixed martial arts and Zumba classes with my friends at Avenue Social. I also go out flyering and dog walking as part of Avenue Work. I like to be the life of the party and am always dancing and having a laugh. The most important thing to me at Avenue is my friends.”

Avenue participant in wheelchair working at computer with Avenue support worker next to her. Both smiling and looking at a notebook.

Work Experience

Looking for options to assist in post-school transitioning? Ask about our work experience opportunities for high schoostudents! Simply
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If you’d like to learn more about Avenue Botany, please get in touch

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Community Engagement Lead


Unit 3, 13 Lord Street, Botany NSW 2019

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