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Avenue Botany – disability day program

Avenue Botany is different to your traditional day programs. We empower people with disability to complete meaningful work tasks, socialise and develop individual skills, regardless of their support needs.

When you join Avenue, you will have the option to join Avenue Work, Avenue Social or both!

Avenue Work – tailored work activities in a vibrant coworking space

At the heart of Avenue are work teams where participants engage in meaningful and supported work tasks through microbusinesses. Any revenue generated from these teams, are recognised and shared equally amongst all participants. Learn more about our microbusinesses by clicking on the teams below!


Order Fulfilment


Hub Management











Avenue Social – a diverse and exciting range of social events and experiences

Through Avenue Social, participants can access events and activities they choose, build important skills and make friends for life! Participants leave feeling more skilled, more equipped, and more empowered than before.

Ever changing

The Avenue Social calendar is put together with the help of participants. Our support workers get to know them and understand their likes, dislikes and needs to make sure they have a great day.


Participants will be out and about in the community enjoying all that it has to offer, regardless of their support needs. Each activity is facilitated by our team of  passionate support workers.

Skill development

Everyone at Avenue has an individual skill development plan. Our support workers are specially trained to spot opportunities to develop participant skills and integrate learning into the day.

Avenue Botany is all about offering participants:

Individual support

We provide tailored support that accommodates the individual

Purpose - built environment

A purpose-built environment, designed in consultation with allied health professionals

Highly trained staff

A team of committed staff who are all about making a difference

A welcoming setting in a vibrant modern centre (aka coworking space), with activity areas purpose built to meet our participants’ needs, including:

Quiet working rooms

Team work rooms

Open work areas

Chill-out / sensory rooms


Hi, my name is Freya. I like colouring in and my favourite foods are sushi and chocolate. At Avenue I like helping people and working in the Retail Team, especially completing stock take. I also love listening to music, this helps keep me calm. My favourite rock band is KISS.



Hi, my name is Max. I attend Avenue Botany 3 days a week. I do mixed martial arts and Zumba classes with my friends at Avenue Social. I also go out flyering and dog walking as part of Avenue Work. I like to be the life of the party and am always dancing and having a laugh. The most important thing to me at Avenue is my friends. I love driving around and jamming out with them. 



Hi, my name is Marcus. I am 27 years old. I attended Avenue Botany 2 days a week. My favourite hobby is making and drinking tea, especially coconut black tea. When at Avenue I enjoy making friends and doing a good job. 


Hi, my name is Clayton. I spend my time at Avenue making videos and presentations, walking dogs and delivering flyers. I attend Avenue three days a week. My favourite time spent at Avenue is playing Frisbee! Outside of Avenue I like running, watching TV, movies and youtube and relaxing.


Hi, my name is David. I attend Avenue once a week. As part of Avenue Work I get things we need from the hub from local shops, complete computer work, walk dogs and distribute flyers. My favourite thing to do outside of Avenue is going for a walk in the park.

Avenue participant in wheelchair working at computer with Avenue support worker next to her. Both smiling and looking at a notebook.

Work Experience

Looking for options to assist in post-school transitioning? Ask about our work experience opportunities for high schoostudents! Simply
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Avenue's vision is a world where work is accessible to all.

Join our webinar to:
_ Learn how and why Avenue is redesigning work for people with disability
_ Discover what makes our work and social programs different
_ Find out who will benefit from joining Avenue
_ Hear Shane's story and the inspiring journey of his siblings who started Avenue

Dates: 11 October 2022
Times: 7:00pm - 7:45pm AEST

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