What is Avenue?

Avenue is a day program,… but we aren’t your usual day program….we believe people with disability can and should be able to work but it’s up to us to redesign work to allow that to happen. So, Fighting Chance designed Avenue: a day program where our participants (known to us as Team Members) come in and complete real work tasks by joining micro-enterprise teams within their coworking space, or by coming in as an entrepreneur to run their own enterprise in a supported environment. We are driven by the belief that everyone can be productive, and fully take part in our society economically and socially. Our Team Members work towards work, social and learning goals through participation at Avenue.

What is Avenue? An ADE? A day program? A service that offers supported employment?
Avenue participants are NDIS funded and our offering is more typically aligned with a day program, even though we aren’t your typical day program. We believe people with disability can and should be able to work but it’s up to us to redesign work to allow that to happen. Avenue was designed to be: a program where our participants come in and complete real work tasks by joining micro-enterprise teams that operate in a supported environment. We are driven by the belief that everyone can be productive, and fully take part in our society economically and socially.
Am I employed? Do I get paid to be part of Avenue Work?

Avenue participants are not employed. Each work team typically earns a small revenue stream from their work activities. This revenue is pooled and split evenly among all participants in a profit share model. Participants are not employed or paid an hourly rate. The remuneration is a stipend amount that recognises a participant’s contribution and productivity. Each participant selects a remuneration goal to work towards. Their remuneration is theirs to spend as they like. Each goal reached or purchase made is celebrated within the coworking space to acknowledge the work the person has put in to achieve their goal.

What is a typical day like at Avenue?

A day at Avenue will depend on whether you are engaged in our Social or Work program. For our Work participants each work team will have different tasks and responsibilities to complete. For a participant in the Animals Team, this might include walking dogs. For a participant in our Hub Management Team, there might be coffee orders to get and recycling to do. Someone in Order Fulfillment will need to check the orders that have come in to our partners’ websites, pack and send them, or do a stocktake. There is a run sheet at the beginning of each day that outlines the agenda for the day and specific tasks to be completed. Participants and support workers go through this together to establish the routine for the day. Breaks and social times are scheduled throughout the day.

Our Social participants meet at our coworking spaces and then access the community to participate in their scheduled social activity. Our social activities are always community based, and are tailored to individual interests. For example, activities could include heading for a bushwalk, to the movies, an art gallery or to the beach. It all depends on the individual and what they would like to do.

What support worker-to-participant ratios do you support?

The Avenue program is designed to support people of all abilities regardless of their support needs. We typically support people in 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3 ratios, however if your support needs fall outside of this we are happy to discuss special arrangements to suit your needs.

I have high support needs. Will Avenue be suitable for me?

Avenue Work is designed to be a “workplace for all” where any person with disability can join one of our work teams and be involved in work tasks regardless of their support needs. If a person has complex behavioural needs, then our other enterprise – Plus may be more appropriate for them. Please contact us and we can give you more information about both programs to work out which one might suit your needs.

Can I attend both Avenue Work and Avenue Social?

Avenue participants can attend Avenue Work or Social or a combination of both. Additionally, participants can choose to join a Social activity on an ad hoc basis if that works best for them.

What are the hours at Avenue?

Avenue operates generally from 9:00am to 3:00pm, Monday to Friday. Our Avenue Social program may have additional activities outside of these times, for example, Saturdays or evenings, but this will depend on the participants’ Social program and what they have elected to do.

How are Avenue Work participants allocated to a work team?

We don’t allocate participants to a team, but rather each participant chooses a Work team based on their skills and interests, and which work teams are available at a particular coworking space. Participants can try out all or any of our teams before choosing and if none of the teams are quite right we are happy to design a new team around them!

Do you provide ongoing learning opportunities for people with disability at Avenue?

Avenue is committed to learning as an integrated part of its Work and Social programs.  Each coworking space has a dedicated Learning Coordinator and each participant has an individualised skill development plan in which they identify the goals they are working towards. Learning outcomes and building new skills are a typical part of each day whether a person is in our Work or Social program.

What are the costs to attend Avenue? Does the NDIS cover all the costs or are there additional out of pocket expenses?
The costs for Avenue Work and Avenue Social are in line with the NDIS price guide. Additional out of pocket expenses for some Avenue Social program activities may be applicable, however, these will be communicated for specific activities.
What type of funding do you accept?

Avenue participants use predominantly funding by NDIS including line items such as Core Supports (Social and Community Participation and Daily Living), Capacity Building and Finding and Keeping a Job. In addition, some participants are funded under insurance schemes of self-funded.

Do you provide personal care and meal assistance?
Yes, each site is equipped with fully accessible bathrooms including hoists to support with personal care. Meal assistance is also provided. Our staff are fully trained in personal care and meal assistance, and we welcome individual training on your specific needs.
Do you provide transport?
We do not provide transport, however, we may be able to assist with recommending transport providers in your area. 
Is there a minimum age for a participant to attend Avenue?

Yes. The minimum age for participants is 15.

Do you offer a work experience program for students with a disability?
Avenue runs a work experience program for students with disability in their final years of high school. The program runs one day per week for one term and is designed to give students a taste of Avenue as a post-school option. Contact your preferred Avenue location or email to find out more details including availability.
How do I refer one of my clients to Avenue?

If you have a client you wish to refer to Avenue please complete our Contact us Form