Avenue is a day program alternative where people of all abilities are supported to complete work tasks, socialise and develop their individual skills, regardless of their support needs.


When you join Avenue, you will take part in Avenue Work, Avenue Social or both!

Avenue work order fulfilment team

Avenue Work

Avenue is not your typical disability day program.
At the heart of Avenue Work are work teams that support people with disability to engage in meaningful work tasks.

Avenue participants with similar interests are grouped together and assisted by a team of passionate support workers. Any revenue generated is then shared equally amongst all participants. Our teams include order fulfilment, animals, flyers, hub management and markets.

Avenue Social a day at the beach

Avenue Social

With Avenue Social, you will be out and about in the community, enjoying all that it has to offer, regardless of your support needs. Each activity is facilitated by our team of dedicated support workers who are trained to develop your skills and integrate learning into the day’s activities. 

We have a varied social calendar with different activities, locations, group sizes and timings. It is changing all the time, because your choices help create it. 

Meet Timmy | Avenue Parramatta participant

“I love the Yevu team, I do collecting orders, invoices, folding, double checking and stocktake. At the end of the day, we update the tracker, and I can do the invoices really fast now. I’ve learned so much at Avenue.”

Meet Brendan | Avenue Newcastle participant

“I enjoy the different, varied options I get here. Not every day is the same. I don’t really want to sit around doing the same thing, and at Avenue you’re busy, doing different things.”

Meet Nat | Avenue Botany participant

“I joined teams such as Markets and Order Fulfilment first, and I really enjoyed them. It’s lots of fun. I love working with the animals. I work in Gigs and Flyers as well – I absolutely enjoy that, especially when it’s a nice warm day.”

Where To Find Avenue

We currently operate four Avenue coworking spaces in NSW:
Frenchs Forest, Botany, Parramatta and Warabrook in Newcastle.

My daughter Sofia,  absolutely loves her time at Avenue taking care of the dogs in the Pets team and looks forward to going each week. Given potential employment opportunities for Sofia are limited and social interactions can be limited, going to Avenue gives her purpose and meaning each week and provides the opportunity to engage in the work economy, learn social and work skills whilst creating meaningful relationships.


Mum of Avenue Participant, Sofia

Avenue participant is laughing next to his support worker, he has flyers on his table.

A workplace for all

We believe that everyone has the right to access employment, and make a productive contribution to the economy, if they choose. That’s why we’re redesigning work so that everyone can participate, regardless of their support needs.

Avenue’s vision is a world in which work is accessible for all.

Our mission is to build a network of coworking spaces that set a new standard for the economic and social inclusion of people with disability.

Using Your NDIS Funding

Avenue coworking spaces are designed for people of all abilities; including those with high and very high support needs, who require assistance to access the workspace or community.

Avenue is a registered NDIS service provider via parent non-profit Fighting Chance, and team members use a range of NDIS line items to attend, including:

  • Core Supports (Social and Community Participation and Daily Living)
  • Capacity Building
  • Finding and Keeping a Job.
Picture is of three males standing in front of a white wall smiling at the camera. Person one is wearing a grey jumper, person two is wearing a striped top, person three is wearing a black t-shirt.
Picture is of three males standing in front of a white wall smiling at the camera. Person one is wearing a grey jumper, person two is wearing a striped top, person three is wearing a black t-shirt.

Learning opportunities

Avenue is committed to learning as an integrated part of its Work and Social programs. Each coworking space has a dedicated Learning Coordinator and each participant has an individualised skill development plan in which they identify the goals they are working towards. Learning outcomes and building new skills are a typical part of each day whether a person is in our Work or Social program.

We’re Hiring!

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