Avenue Social

Avenue Social empowers individual choice in accessing the community, supporting each participant to create their own social calendars and access community-based activities and events.

Whether that be a bush walk with friends, an exercise class or an art workshop at the MCA, Avenue Social coordinates each individual’s choice of activities and organise the support for the day too.


Avenue Social participants choose what they want to do, with whom, and when they want to do it. 

Each team member is supported to create their own social calendar, and to access community-based activities and events with their Avenue support worker.

How does Avenue Sociafit into a week within the Co-working Space?

Typically, Avenue team members will attend a
Co-Working Space as part of a work team for a few days a week, and supplement this with Avenue Social on other days.

Alternatively, Avenue Social and Avenue Work can be accessed on their own. The choice is yours!

We’re all about individualised work days with tailored supports

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