Avenue Business Partnerships

We are looking for like-minded business partners who believe in building an inclusive economy, whilst benefiting from a high-quality service.

Avenue is a day program alternative where people with disability can make a purposeful contribution and generate revenue through microbusinesses.

We empower our participants (known as team members in our coworking spaces) to join work teams and contribute to our microbusinesses which carry out:

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We are driven by the belief that everyone can be productive, and fully take part in our society economically and socially. By breaking down work tasks according to our team members’ abilities and eliminating barriers, we offer a workplace for all.

Avenue Frenchs Forest participant in the Flyers team is laughing next to his support worker, whilst holding some flyers

Each work team earns a small remuneration from their work activities, which is shared equally among all team members in a profit share model. The remuneration recognises a team member’s contribution and productivity. Each team member selects a remuneration goal to work towards which they can then spend with choice and control, often for the first time in their lives.  

We are always looking for opportunities for new and and different types of work for our teams – so if you have a business need that isn’t listed, we can work together to see how Avenue can meet it.

Create opportunities for people with disability in your supply chain.

Business Partner Testimonial

“When I read about Avenue it just made sense; it really resonated with the core purpose of YEVU which is to support fair employment of all people, regardless of background, gender or ability. Our customers, who are very often conscious consumers, also love the fact that we have partnered with an Australian social enterprise and have a positive local impact.”


Business Partner Testimonial

“I feel like there is mutual affection and respect between us, our teams and businesses. The [Avenue] teams are hardworking, reliable and quick with their communication. To be able to provide opportunities and skill development for men and women with a range of abilities, and gain top quality services support for our business is such a win-win, and our customers are thrilled that we have such a meaningful partnership.”


Business Partner Testimonial

“The approach we’ve taken to building a supply chain has been simple: we can’t generate a net positive social impact if we’re harming the people and places involved in creating our product. Joining up with Avenue has meant adding something meaningful to an otherwise basic process, and we’re thrilled to be a part of their mission.”

Read more about the work Avenue have been doing with Borne Clothing on Borne’s Blog.


Business Partner Testimonial

“Avenue is integral to my business, I rely on them completely. They’re fast and efficient and always willing to go the extra mile. I rely on them as an extension of my business. My customers also love that we work with such a great social venture and often comment on the cards the participants write and include.”


Business Partner testimonial

“Working with avenue is one of the best business decisions I have ever made.”


Business Partner testimonial

“Creativity and growth can only be achieved when we involve everyone together. Whether that is different ethnic backgrounds, genders or abilities, I was determined to have The Social Story bring in as many perspectives as possible to create better content. Working with Avenue Coworking to do that has been a blessing so that we can both learn from each other.”


Our Order Fulfilment team provides tailored solutions and services in:

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    • Navigating e-commerce platforms such as Shopify
    • Stock management and inventory
    • High quality customer service
    • Packing and quality control
    • Dispatch and shipping customer orders
    • Fulfilment of fundraising campaigns
    • Assembly of products, creating hampers, gift boxes and other products
    • Product photography and back end e-commerce processes

Competitive rates and professional service

We partner with businesses of all sizes and offer competitive rates and a professional level of service. Many of our partners are start-ups and social enterprises themselves. We love that we can grow with our business partners, and also offer the flexibility to scale back, if need be.

Current Avenue partners include the following brands

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Free Spirit
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All for great services with social impact 

When you partner with us, 100% of the profit is passed on in full to our participants in a profit-share model. We support participants to spend this how they choose – whether that’s a model train set, an iPad, or the trip of a lifetime on a cruise.