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Day in the life of Avenue+ support worker – Isaiah

July 11, 2022

Our vision at Avenue+ is to become Australia’s leading service for adults with complex behaviours and we believe we have an unbeatable workforce to achieve this. We sat down with Avenue+ support worker Isaiah, to find out why he joined Avenue+ and what he is most proud of whilst working here. 

Tell us a bit about you
I am a support worker at Avenue+ and oscillate between both Order Fulfilment and the Hub Management team, as a key support worker for some amazing participants.

How would you describe your main responsibilities?
My main responsibilities nowadays at Avenue+, are providing person-centred support and building a high level of rapport with various participants, in ensuring that their day to day, as well as long term skills and goals are being properly facilitated. Alongside this, is promoting our participants’ inclusion in a range of community-based activities. After working for a while, my responsibilities also include assisting newer staff in best supporting Avenue participants. Above all, having a happy and fun day is key to all of the above being met!

Why did you join Avenue+?
I joined Avenue in 2019. I have always had a passionate interest in collaborating with and spending time / learning with people from a range of backgrounds. I knew that working at Avenue with a range of people and assisting in their inclusion in all facets of life, was where I wanted to be.

What do you enjoy most at Avenue+?
I enjoy the laughter the most, as humour is so inherent to bonding between staff and participants in the Avenue+ world. It is impossible to leave the office without laughing with whoever you are working with, at least a handful of times throughout the day.

What do you like to do outside of Avenue+?
I love travel more than anything, as well as studying, sport and surfing (which I’m still learning the ropes). I can speak Khmer (Cambodian) conversationally (although have probably lost a bit since living in a village there).

What are you most proud of working at Avenue+?
I am most proud of being part of our participants’ progression in the hub or out in the community. Watching our participants’ lives and skill sets grow is incredible to see and although I’m only a very small cog in that wheel of growth- it is a pleasure to see it continue to roll forward as a member of the team.

How has working at Avenue+ changed the way you see the world?
Avenue+ is a remarkable place, where you are engaging with a broad range of people. What is so special about that is you get a unique perspective on life, and the amazing talent and qualities that everyone possesses. Avenue+ has taught me how inherently incredible and resilient human beings can be, and despite various tiers of adversity, people can still reach utmost success and happiness.


Do you want to be a part of a ground-breaking service for adults with complex behaviours? Are you looking for a challenge in a work environment where each day is different, learning new skills is supported and opportunities to develop your career are offered? Check out what positions are currently open at Avenue+. 

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