Avenue Learning

Avenue Learning provides a range of learning and skill development opportunities for participants accessing the coworking space.

Participants are supported by a Learning Coordinator to build an individuaskill development plan with their interests, abilities and needs in mind, as well as work and social goals.

Avenue Learning uses a range of carefullselected resources and supports that are engaging and fun, to enable improvements in literacy, numeracy, communication, social, money, motor and other skills.

The Avenue Learning team also engages with specialists or external supports a team member might have, to draw on expertise and align existing learning programs with what happens at Avenue.

How does Avenue Learning fit into a week
within the coworking space?

Avenue Learning is integrated into a participants daily routine within Avenue Work.

For example:

  • The morning could be spent on work tasks such as typing and sending an email to a customer (Avenue Order Fulfilment team), walking a dog (Avenue Animals), or doing a flyer drop (Avenue Gigs)
  • The afternoon could be spent practising the use
    of a communications device, doing online research about caring for cats, oattending an art therapy class, depending on the team member’s work and social goals.

We’re all about individualised work days with tailored supports

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