Looking for a day program that will empower your clients to fully participate in the economy and society?

Avenue is a day program alternative, that will empower your clients to engage in purposeful work tasks, socialise and develop their individual skills – regardless of their support needs.

We provide person-centred support across four different locations:

Botany, Newcastle, Parramatta and Frenchs Forest.

Who does Avenue support?

  • Avenue supports all people and school-leavers regardless of their support needs.
  • We support people in 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3 ratios, however, if a person’s support needs fall outside of this, we are happy to discuss special arrangements.
  • We are NDIS registered, and participants can draw from categories including Core Supports (Social and Community Participation and Daily Living), Capacity Building and Finding and Keeping a Job.


When a team member joins Avenue, they can take part in Avenue Work, Avenue Social or both.

photo of participant in our order fulfilment room packing an order in paper with the support with his support worker next to him.

Avenue Work

With Avenue Work team members can make a purposeful contribution and generate their own revenue through a range of different microbusiness team. They do this in fully accessible co-working hubs with resources to support integrated learning and individualised skill development plans.

Depending on the location, these microbusiness teams can include order fulfilment, pet-sitting, flyering and letterbox drops, running market stalls and the option to launch their own business as an entrepreneur.

Each work team earns a small remuneration from their work activities, which is shared equally among all team members in a profit share model.  

photo of participant in our order fulfilment room packing an order in paper with the support with his support worker next to him.

Avenue Social

Avenue Social helps team members explore their local area and participate in the community, while building relationships and developing their individual skills.

Our ever-changing social calendar is created with the help of team members. Our support workers get to know them, and understand their likes, dislikes and needs, to make sure they have a great day.

Everyone at Avenue has an individual skill development plan. Our support workers are specially trained to spot opportunities to develop skills and integrate learning into the day’s activities. Some of the skills our participants choose to focus on include independence, confidence, money-handling, communication, and road safety awareness.

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Meet one of our team members

Photo of Ben in the order fulfilment room at Avenue Parramatta

Ben is a part of the eCommerce microbusiness team at Avenue and enjoys supported social outings with Avenue Social.

Ben’s goals are to build his social and communication skills and develop his focus and persistence in staying on task. He stays focused on tasks such as generating and printing shipping labels for parcels and folding and photo shooting clothes.

Through this, he generates remuneration for himself, which boosts his self-esteem and sense of purpose, as well as affording him money of his own to save or spend.

Ben enjoys listening to music and has bought himself an iPod touch with his remuneration, as well as spending it on social activities which are important to him, such as visiting the aquarium and eating out.

Do you have a client who would benefit from Avenue?

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For enquiries about Support Worker jobs at Avenue, please visit our careers page.

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